Brazilian Blowout Treatment in Houston

Marbella Spa & Salon provides Brazilian Blowout treatment in Houston. The Brazilian Blowout treatment eliminates frizz and smooths hair cuticles, all while keeping hair healthy. The treatment produces smooth, frizz-free, and extra-shiny hair for up to 12 weeks, regardless of personal hair washing habits.

Brazilian Blowout treatment in Houston.

Brazilian Blowout Certified Salon in Houston

Marbella Spa & Salon is a Brazilian Blowout certified salon in Houston. Many salons provide hair smoothing treatments that claim to be highly similar or equivalent to the Brazilian Blowout treatment, but they just do not produce the same results. Being a Brazilian Blowout certified salon means that we expertly provide the one and only official Brazilian Blowout treatment with the expertise needed to produce the treatment’s best results.

Smooth Hair for Up to 12 Weeks

We do offer other smoothing treatments are less expensive, quicker, and keep hair smooth for about three months, but the Brazilian Blowout treatment gives smooth hair for up to 12 weeks. Results may vary slightly depending on the type of hair and personal grooming habits.

Reduce Hair Styling Time

Did you know that hair can be washed the same day after a Brazilian Blowout treatment? Hair can be washed and styled immediately after the treatment is complete. The treatment immediately results in healthy and easy-to-manage hair. It cuts any hair styling time in half, protects hair against any weather, and works to lock in any hair color treatment on hair.

Brazilian Blowout Specials in Houston

We are currently offering $100 off of Brazilian Blowout treatments at Marbella Spa & Salon. Contact us today to learn more!

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