Eduardo “Scissorhands”

Owner, Lead Stylist

Eduardo, owner, lead stylist of Marbella

Since childhood, I was never happy with my hair. After discovering my passion for hair styling at an early age, I turned to HCC. I was accepted with financial aid even while I was completing high school during my weekdays. Attending HCC during off-hours, I was able to receive my cosmetology degree.

For more than six years I worked for a great company and grew my skills and talents, but never found that person who I would call my mentor. I decided to leave on a journey and study with the most sought after hairdressers in the industry in many great cities and cultures. This has expanded my knowledge and charged my creativity. I was blessed to travel and study in Europe and lived a dream. I truly understand hair, not just some hair, but all hair.

Now I own my own salon in one of the most humid coastal and the most diverse city in the USA, Houston, TX. I also travel to work with a royal family from Saudi Arabia as a personal hairstylist and stylist. Using my knowledge of hair and hair care for the masses, and the climate, I have put all my knowledge and experiences together for the best of every individual and prescribe the best-hair care product available to HUMANKIND.

My goal is to continue growing, delivering superior service, and learning. As Marbella’s artistic team leader I love to, and must, stay on top of trends and fashion. I understand that fashion is what looks good on you!