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Vajazzle! The name that sounds like an infomercial. In reality, it’s a new trend that’s sweeping the nation. But, what exactly is Vajazzle? Vajazzle is the process of applying Swarovski crystals to a woman’s nether regions, typically after a Brazilian wax, for aesthetic purposes. A beauty trend that started when Jennifer Love Hewitt mentioned in an interview with George Lopez that she “vajazzled” herself after a break-up. It’s safe and can last for several days. The designs themselves can become quite complex, bringing about an almost artistic quality to them. They can range from something as simple as a heart to more intricate patterns.

  • They are self-adhesive, waterproof and can be reapplied with the provided adhesive.
  • They are designed specifically for the skin and last 5-10 days depending on personal activities;
  • They can be placed ANYWHERE on the body…your back, arm, neck, ankle, etc…
  • They can be used for ANY occasion including a girl’s night out, prom, wedding, etc…

While many will scoff at the idea of “vajazzling,” calling it a fad or pointless, it’s a unique way to enhance the body. To change your appearance without the effect of something permanent. It can be seen as an alternative to piercings and tattoos. Since the design themselves are based on the person’s own personal choice, “vajazzling” can express that person’s own unique traits and personality. Ranging from cute to sexy, you can spruce up your lady parts for that special occasion or have something simple for everyday use. Based on one’s own imagination and creativity, the design choices can be limitless.